Last Night
July 8, 2020 Alisha Moss

Last Night

Posted in Prairie Lake Ranch

Last night at Prairie Lakes Ranch we had a young gal come visit one of our Rivers.  She sat under the pecan trees by the pond and serenaded us with her guitar and pretty voice.  The breeze was cool and the music was intoxicating.  Mark and I sat on the tree swing and counted our blessings while we swayed to the rhythm of her voice.

Last night reminded me of when I was a kid when my daddy would do that very thing in the evenings.  We would sit under the big tree in the front yard and daddy would play his guitar for us and Momma would sing.  Daddy liked to play silly songs about frogs or crazy squirrels while momma like to sing about Jesus.  Anyway, last night was a treat for me as it took me back to a place that I loved.

I really feel blessed to live at Prairie Lakes Ranch.  It is so much more than an RV park.  It is a place where people are making new friends and sharing stories.  Since we opened a month ago I have made new friends, I’ve laughed out loud too many times and I’ve enjoyed sitting outside taking in the sunsets.  Hanging out at the Pavilion in the evenings is my favorite pastime these days.  Telling stories to each other and laughing at the guys giving each other a hard time.  Listening to Danny “The Governor” and Ronnie “The Sheriff” go at it trying to one up each other typically has us all in stitches.  These are truly “The Good Ol Days”.

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends as our pretty park starts to fill up.  I’m trying to keep photos added to our website,  so that folks can see what a wonderful place we have here.  Hope to see ya’ll soon.